Join Wejo CEO & VOSO CEO in Fireside Chat: Sept. 10 at 2PM EDT – IPO Edge
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Join Wejo CEO & VOSO CEO in Fireside Chat: Sept. 10 at 2PM EDT
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Join Wejo CEO & VOSO CEO in Fireside Chat: Sept. 10 at 2PM EDT

IPO Edge and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association will host a fireside chat with the CEOs of Wejo Ltd. and Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: VOSO) on Friday, Sept. 10 at 2pm EDT to discuss Wejo’s underlying business fundamentals, existing partnerships, the market for connected vehicle data and connected vehicles, and the company’s business combination with VOSO. The live event will feature Wejo Founder & CEO Richard Barlow and VOSO CEO Jeff Warshaw. The panelists will be joined by IPO Edge Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks and Multimedia Editor Alexandra Lane in a moderated video session lasting approximately 60 minutes and including a Q&A with the audience.

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Messrs. Barlow and Warshaw will discuss:

  • An overview of the Wejo Business
  • History and performance to date
  • Current partnerships/pipeline
  • Discussion of current markets for connected vehicle data
  • Future market for connected vehicles & growth opportunities
  • Sustainability initiatives & ESG potential
  • Path to profitability
  • Overview of business combination transaction with VOSO

About Wejo: Wejo is a global leader in the connected vehicle data explosion, enabling a wide range of businesses and governments to develop products and offerings that benefit peoples’ lives, drive revenue and power innovations. The company plays a leading role in creating value, improving safety, enhancing sustainability, and increasing convenience for the ongoing global EV transition.

About the Speakers:

Richard Barlow serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Wejo, responsible for strategic direction and managing all aspects of the business. Richard founded Wejo in 2014, having founded, scaled and exited a highly profitable fintech data platform out of the UK. Realizing that the connected data technology in motor racing – one of his passions – would transition to mainstream automotive in the future, Richard created Wejo and the mantra of “data for good” – transforming connected vehicle data into mobility intelligence solutions that revolutionize the way we live, work and travel. Richard has led Wejo from the front since the company’s inception, creating the automotive industry’s standardized data and communication stack for all types of connected vehicles.

Jeffrey “Jeff” Warshaw has spent 35 years building, acquiring, operating, and investing in media businesses. Mr. Warshaw founded Connoisseur Communications Partners, an owner and operator of radio stations, starting with an initial investment of $250,000, partnered with Tinicum Investments and later Abry Partners, LLC, which was later sold to Cumulus Broadcasting for over $250,000,000. Following the sale of Connoisseur Communications Partners in 2004, Mr. Warshaw founded Connoisseur Media, a multi-platform local media company with radio, streaming, and digital and traditional advertising agency businesses. Connoisseur Media’s radio operations, which have been assembled and grown, have the highest average market shares of any top radio group in the country. Mr. Warshaw was a pioneer of combining digital with legacy media, founding Ferocious Media as a division of Connoisseur Media in 2010. Over the course of his career, Mr. Warshaw has led numerous equity and debt raises for his companies. Mr. Warshaw has also successfully partnered with investment funds (Farallon, Abry, MatlinPatterson) to invest in media debt and assets. An important part of the success of these investments has been Mr. Warshaw’s ability to operate these media businesses.



Jarrett Banks, Editor-at-Large.

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