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Replay: Watch CEOs of IonQ & dMY III in Fireside Chat
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Replay: Watch CEOs of IonQ & dMY III in Fireside Chat

IPO Edge and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association hosted a fireside chat with the CEO and CFO of IonQ, Inc. and the CEO of dMY Technology Group, Inc. III (NYSE: DMYI) to discuss IonQ’s underlying business fundamentals, go-to-market strategy, recent milestones, and the company’s business combination with dMY Technology Group III. The event featured IonQ CEO Peter Chapman, IonQ CFO Thomas Kramer, and dMY CEO Niccolo de Masi. The panelists were joined by IPO Edge Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks and Multimedia Editor Alexandra Lane in a moderated video session lasting approximately 60 minutes and including a Q&A with the audience.


Messrs. Chapman, Kramer, and de Masi discussed:

  • IonQ corporate and technical overview
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • IonQ tripling its expectation for 2021 contract bookings
  • Upcoming SPAC Merger with dMY Technology Group III

IonQ is at the cutting edge of bringing quantum computing to the mass market via the power of ytterbium, a silvery rare-earth metal. The company’s trapped in technology allows for on-demand reconfigurability and the construction of 100+ qubit quantum computing systems without having to fabricate new chips or change underlying hardware. Throughout 2021, the company has brought its quantum hardware to mass market via Google and other cloud providers, positioning itself as driver of computational power and efficiency in what is sure to become the next stage of the information revolution.

About the Speakers:

Peter Chapman is President and CEO of IonQ and a Member of the Board. Prior to joining IonQ, Mr. Chapman was Director of Engineering for Amazon Prime, where he led the team responsible for Prime’s 2-Day delivery. He has over 40 years of leadership in software engineering, including alongside luminaries like Marvin Minsky and Ray Kurzweil. Mr. Chapman is credited with inventing the original sound card for computers, writing the software the Federal Aviation Administration uses to prevent mid-air collisions, and developing systems that protect the integrity of financial markets. Mr. Chapman has founded and led several companies to successful exits.

Thomas Kramer is the Chief Financial Officer at IonQ. Mr. Kramer is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with an extensive background leading companies through rapid growth. At IonQ, Mr. Kramer focuses on commercializing our infrastructure and managing the company’s relationships with investors and the public markets. He sits on the boards of PerfectServe, Peak Dental Systems, and MindsMatter DC. Previously, Mr. Kramer was the CFO of Opower, where he guided the company through its initial public offering and its sale later to Oracle; and co-founder and CFO of Cvent, where he took the company from zero revenue through the largest private software financing in the United States at that time.

Niccolo de Masi is an experienced public company chief executive officer and board member with deep expertise in mobile, deep tech, and creating software and hardware ecosystems. He serves or will serve on the Board of all three dMY Technology SPAC-IPOs post close: Rush Street Interactive, Genius Sports Group, and IonQ. Over the course of his career, Mr. de Masi has consummated over 25 mergers and acquisitions and has raised approximately $3 billion in equity to support public and private companies he has led. He has held leadership positions in five mobile companies: Glu Mobile, Inc. (Nasdaq: GLUU) (“Glu”), Essential Products, Inc. (“Essential”), Xura, Inc. (formerly Nasdaq: MESG) (“Xura”), Hands-On Mobile and Monstermob Group PLC (formerly LSE: MOB) (“Monstermob”). Mr. de Masi became Chief Executive Officer of Glu and of Monstermob before the age of 30.



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