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The Clean Tech You Need: PathSpot CEO Christine Schindler at Nasdaq
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The Clean Tech You Need: PathSpot CEO Christine Schindler at Nasdaq

IPO Edge hosted a fireside chat at the Nasdaq MarketSite with Christine Schindler, Co-Founder & CEO of PathSpot – AK. The in-person interview was joined by Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone and they discussed PathSpot’s presence in thousands of global locations including Taco Bell, Marriott and Target, how the company has raised over $20 million in venture capital funding from diverse investors, and more.

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About Christine Schindler

Christine Schindler is the CEO and co-founder of PathSpot, a technology company protecting businesses and their customers from the threat of foodborne illnesses and outbreaks. An engineer and entrepreneur passionate about utilizing technology to overcome gaps in healthcare, Christine invented PathSpot’s HandScanner in 2017, following a transformative educational trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, to instantly detect carriers of harmful contamination that commonly spread through poor handwashing. Since then, PathSpot has broadened its SafetySuite to include a comprehensive range of back-of-house digital health & safety tools that track temperature, expiration and more.

About PathSpot – AK

PathSpot is the leading health and safety operating system for smart restaurants and businesses that prepare and serve food. Founded in 2017 by biomedical engineers Christine Schindler, CEO, and Dutch Waanders, CTO, PathSpot is committed to the digital transformation of hygiene and safety and turning the preventable spread of disease into a thing of the past. The company’s flagship product, the PathSpot HandScanner, is the world’s first real-time hand hygiene management system, protecting foodservice operators and their patrons against the threat of illness and outbreaks. Its other products include digital tools that help digitize and modernize back-of-house health & safety practices such as expiration and temperature management.


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