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Cutting the Cord: Hear From CEO & Co-Founder of MyBundle.TV in Fireside Chat
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Cutting the Cord: Hear From CEO & Co-Founder of MyBundle.TV in Fireside Chat


IPO Edge and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association hosted a fireside chat at the 2022 ICR Conference with the CEO & Co-Founder of MyBundle.TV Inc. to discuss an overview of the company, its value proposition, how the business model works for providers, streamers, and consumers, and inefficiencies in the provider and streamer markets. The event featured MyBundle.TV CEO & Co-Founder Jason Cohen joined by IPO Edge Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks in a moderated video session lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Watch the highlight video below (or click the link underneath to see the entire event):


About MyBundle.TV

MyBundle.TV offers the industry-leading consumer and enterprise platform simplifying streaming TV. MyBundle.TV’s free and easy-to-use tools help consumers cut the cord, discover new streaming services and find content to watch across their services.  Incorporating more than 150 streaming services and partnering with more than 65 broadband providers serving 6 million customers and growing, the MyBundle.TV platform helps consumers navigate the streaming video world and enables new growth opportunities for programmers and high-speed data distributors alike.

Mr. Cohen discussed:

  • Company overview
  • Value proposition
  • Profit for broadband providers and streaming networks, savings for consumers
  • Fragmentation and inefficiencies in the provider and streamer markets

About the Speaker:

Jason Cohen is CEO & Co-Founder of MyBundle.TV. Prior to starting MyBundle.TV, Jason was a Portfolio Manager at Buckingham Capital Management, where he researched and invested in the Media/Telecom Sector with a special focus on how streaming TV was disrupting the traditional ecosystem.

Jason not only believed consumers would benefit from the increasing choice afforded by streaming, but that a new golden age of broadband providers was around the corner due to the separation of broadband and video delivery.

However, with all that choice came new challenges and Jason started MyBundle.TV to help simplify streaming for consumers, streaming services and broadband providers.

Jason graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and two children.



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