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Deliveries During Covid: Hear From CEO of GetSwift in Fireside Chat
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Deliveries During Covid: Hear From CEO of GetSwift in Fireside Chat


IPO Edge and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association hosted a fireside chat at the 2022 ICR Conference with the CEO of GetSwift Technologies Limited (NEO: GSW) to discuss GetSwift’s new listing on Canada’s NEO Exchange, the changing role of delivery through the Covid-19 pandemic, international opportunities, and growth plans. The event featured GetSwift CEO Bane Hunter joined by IPO Edge Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks in a moderated video session lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Watch the highlight video below (or click the link underneath to see the entire event):


About GetSwift Technologies Limited

GetSwift is a technology and services company that offers a suite of software products and services focused on business and logistics automation, data management and analysis, communications, information security, and infrastructure optimization and also includes ecommerce and marketplace ordering, workforce management, data analytics and augmentation, business intelligence, route optimization, cash management, task management shift management, asset tracking, real-time alerts, cloud communications, and communications infrastructure (collectively, the “GetSwift Offering”). The GetSwift Offering is used by public and private sector clients across industries and jurisdictions for their respective logistics, communications, information security, and infrastructure projects and operations.

Mr. Hunter discussed:

  • GetSwift’s new listing on Canada’s NEO Exchange
  • The role of delivery before, during and after Covid
  • Helping restaurants and other retailers take delivery into their own hands
  • International opportunities
  • Growth plans and business development opportunities

About the Speaker:

Bane Hunter, Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of driving data-driven innovation, Bane has built a career on delivering value through designing and improving products, solving complex problems, and building the best teams around him. Bane’s career has spanned fintech, media and entertainment, venture technology, and now, logistics. Prior to GetSwift, Bane was Chief Project Officer at MTV Networks, where among many accomplishments he designed and managed Viacom’s first digital content protection efforts. He later helped shape the strategic direction of media companies such as A&E and Conde Nast. Most recently, Bane was a board member of startup accelerator BlueChilli Group, which invests in young companies and powers them with products, partners, and marketing. At GetSwift, you’ll find Bane identifying opportunities all over the globe to revolutionize how companies manage their logistics needs.



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