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U.S. Lithium Refining: Stardust Power Chief Financial Officer Uday Devasper, Live from NYSE
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U.S. Lithium Refining: Stardust Power Chief Financial Officer Uday Devasper, Live from NYSE

IPO Edge hosted a fireside chat from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with Uday Devasper, Chief Financial Officer of Stardust Power. Mr. Devasper spoke to Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone about the lithium and refining industry and how the U.S. holds almost 17% of the world’s lithium reserves, the importance of developing refining capabilities in the country and how the company is contributing by building a refinery in Oklahoma, and more. Watch the full interview below:

About Stardust Power

Stardust Power is helping solve a national security issue for the United States: building one of the largest lithium refineries in America in a strategically located and central location.
The global energy transition is upon us and the global economy is quickly becoming electrified. The lack of domestic lithium production used to build batteries for EVs is creating a bottleneck in the American economy. The domestic and global demand for lithium is growing rapidly, and is poised to accelerate in the coming years as countries and companies adopt more aggressive decarbonization and renewable energy goals, creating a higher demand for electric vehicles and the lithium-ion batteries that power them. America needs refinery capacity as China currently dominates the global market.

About Uday Devasper

Uday Devasper is the CFO of Stardust with 22 years of experience in North America and Asia successfully leading finance and accounting teams in accounting advisory and public accounting, as well as publicly traded organizations.

Mr. Devasper is part of the founding team at Effectus Group, driving double-digit growth and leading 15+ de-SPAC/IPO transactions as a leader of the Technology Industry vertical, and managing remote work transitions.

Prior to Stardust, Mr. Devasper held positions at KPMG, Synopsys, and Echelon.



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