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Corporate Video Content is King – But It’s Lost on Google and LinkedIn: Thursday 12 ET Issuer Pixel CEO Offers a Solution
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Corporate Video Content is King – But It’s Lost on Google and LinkedIn: Thursday 12 ET Issuer Pixel CEO Offers a Solution

There is no doubt that corporations have embraced video as a powerful medium for communicating with investors and other stakeholders. The trouble is, the very people who should see the content often fail to find it – even if it lives on YouTube or LinkedIn.

Hear from David N. Baker, the CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Product Architect of Issuer Pixel, a global, searchable, enterprise video and audio sharing platform connecting companies to the world. Mr. Baker will join IPO Edge Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone for a live fireside chat hosted in partnership with The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association on Thursday, June 10 at 12pm EDT to discuss how the Issuer Pixel platform will help corporations organize their valuable video content in a way that’s searchable and can be discovered.

Mr. Baker will also discuss the company’s $2.5 million capital raise open to all investors (see investment portal here) and Issuer Pixel’s growth strategy. The event will last approximately one hour and include a live audience Q&A.

As businesses increasingly tap the power of video and rich media to differentiate their benefits, value and to reach expanded audiences, Issuer Pixel brings order, value, expanded exposure and increased ROI to unstructured corporate content that until now has been virtually inaccessible via conventional search technologies. The platform is ideal for company to company and company to investor engagement, news media, researchers, supply chain and procurement managers, M sourcing, partnering and benchmarking. Issuer Pixel was founded by Mr. Baker, who formed Revere Data LLC (formally known as Sectorbase), which was acquired by FactsetData Systems, Inc. His co-founders include Vadim A. Tarasov, Byron Kwok and David Guzy.

Mr. Baker will discuss:

  • How the full potential of business video remains largely untapped
  • Why content is difficult to find (siloed on corporate websites or lost in a sea of content and advertising on leading video portals)
  • Strong demand among executives to watch video rather than read text
  • The dominance of video in consumer internet traffic
  • The trouble finding corporate video content via Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or its YouTube platform
  • How Issuer Pixel can win thanks to a unique approach
  • An overview of various search criteria used to find video content on Issuer Pixel
  • Scope for scalability and margin expansion
  • Use of proceeds from the company’s capital raise

About Mr. Baker

Mr. Baker is CEO, Chief Product Architect and Founder of Issuer Pixel. He has over 30 years of experience as business leader and investor, with operational roles in database software, renewable energy, real estate development and fintech. He has also directly invested in over 200 emerging growth companies

About Issuer Pixel (

Issuer Pixel is a global, searchable video and audio sharing platform connecting corporate rich media content with customers, prospects, media/press, investors, partners, thought leaders and academics. Issuer Pixel’s platform and smart search technology creates value and knowledge from mountains of unstructured digital media, delivering greater ROI from content investments. Our mission is harnessing the enhanced communicative power of rich media through a new paradigm/channel that connects businesses with their target audiences around the world. Issuer Pixel lets you find or be found.


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