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Financing Yachts, Exotic Cars and Real Estate: East Harbor President in Virtual Fireside May 17
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Financing Yachts, Exotic Cars and Real Estate: East Harbor President in Virtual Fireside May 17

IPO Edge, East Harbor Financial and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association will host a virtual Fireside Chat on May 17th at 2 PM ET to discuss high passive income investment opportunities in the U.S. real estate market. This event will feature CEO Bruno Raschio hosted by IPO Edge Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone lasting approximately 30 minutes including a Q&A from the attendees.


East Harbor is an asset-based lending institution. Business owner, Bruno Raschio, and his team have been actively operating for over 12 years and have demonstrated invariable growth and expansion in several markets. East Harbor is known for funding challenging deals that traditional banks generally cannot get done for many reasons. The firm’s competitive ROI and strong guidelines is a safe haven for investors expecting high yields with little risk exposure and minimal downside.

East Harbor does financing in the following industries: luxury assets (yachts, exotic cars, aircrafts, executive coaches, limos), construction equipment, commercial trucks, and real estate.

We are now offering investors an opportunity to partner alongside us on real estate backed transactions with above average yields.

Bruno is a family-oriented business professional with over 15 years of executive operating experience. He has purchased and sold over 30 real estate assets, including residential-multifamily and commercial properties. Bruno has raised over 20MM in debt capital and operated the business profitably every year since he was appointed chief executive officer. One of his notable accomplishments is having successfully collected notes valued at $100MM.

We are also pleased to announce East Harbor’s affiliate program specially designed to finance luxury assets for Palm Beach Hedge Fund members. East Harbor sources its deals from brokers and pays the highest commissions in the industry.

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