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Real Estate Digitalization: Stavvy CEO & Founder Kosta Ligris, Live from NYSE
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Real Estate Digitalization: Stavvy CEO & Founder Kosta Ligris, Live from NYSE

IPO Edge hosted a fireside chat from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with Kosta Ligris, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Stavvy. Mr. Ligris spoke to Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks about the increasing trend of digital adoption in mortgage lending to bring down the cost of origination and production of a mortgage, and more. Watch the full interview below:

About Stavvy

Stavvy is a digital transaction platform built for real estate professionals. By connecting people, systems, and processes together, Stavvy modernizes the real estate transaction through collaboration, reliability, and choice. Stavvy is transforming real estate transactions into a swift, secure, data-driven experience. After two decades in the title and settlement industry, Stavvy’s founder wanted to change the paper mortgage process and the complexities experienced within it.

Stavvy was born with a vision to bring collaboration, reliability, and choice to an otherwise archaic and fragmented process. While Stavvy powers digital transactions when, where, and how customers want, the real goal of Stavvy is to transform transactions into swift and secure, data-driven experiences; moving real estate beyond documents.

About Kosta Ligris

Kosta Ligris is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Kosta is the co-founder of Stavvy, a venture backed digital transaction platform providing lenders, their vendors and other organizations with eSign, remote notary and identity solutions to provide for safer, more transparent digital transactions.

Kosta was the founder of the Ligris family of companies, a collection of professional services, real estate, consulting, and tech companies. Along with its affiliated title agencies, ACES Title – the Ligris companies have overseen over $70 billion of real estate matters during his leadership.

Kosta is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C., and the United States Federal Court for the First District. He has been recognized as a real estate “Super Lawyer” for ten consecutive years (2012-2021). Kosta has represented and performed consulting services for some of the nation’s largest banks and real estate companies and has developed real estate in the Greater Boston markets for over a decade. Kosta develops systems, protocols and technology to create greater efficiency, security, compliance, and oversight in the real estate and title/settlement industry.

Kosta mentors, advises, and invests in startups in fintech, “real-estate tech” or “Proptech”, and blockchain – disrupting the real estate and title insurance verticals. He has written about innovation in real estate for several national industry publications including the M Report in a feature entitled “The Scramble for Innovation” and is often quoted discussing “Responsible Innovation” – the responsibility to ensure that innovation in fintech doesn’t create new obstacles to credit and financial services to the underrepresented.

Kosta holds a B.S. in Physiology and Chemistry from Boston University, a J.D. with honors from Suffolk University Law School (where he serves on the Dean’s Cabinet and as a University Trustee), and an M.B.A. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.



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